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Hi, My name is Harold Yang, and I’m a Living Benefits advisor.

I’m dedicated to helping others. I began my professional career selling electronics, and It is here that I first developed a passion for helping people improve their daily lives. It was amazing to witness how, with the right product and a commitment to personalized, caring customer services, my clients’ outlook on technology transformed from one of intimidation to empowerment.

After 30 years in electronics, I was introduced to Living Benefits, where I have since become an industry leader in Western Canada. As a father of two sons myself, I have made it my purpose to understand the protection that your family needs, no matter the situation.

Despite our best efforts, life is unexpected -and for most of us, our hard-earned savings will only go so far in the event of illness or injury. Whether it’s for yourself or someone in your household, Living Benefits help protect individuals into their retirement years and provide much-needed protection when it is needed the most.

What are Living Benefits? It’s tax-free money that is paid directly to you and your family that can be used to pay essential bills (mortgage, internet, cellphone, food costs, etc.) in the event that you or a loved one become sick or injured.

I believe that everyone should be aware of Living Benefits, regardless of their current financial circumstances. That’s why when you contact me, there is absolutely no obligation; my goal is simply to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you and your family. I’m here to help, and I’d love to hear from you.

harold yang

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